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The Blue Studios | Recording Studio
Recording Studio


Atlas Studio was built within our London film studio premises by engineer/producers Harry Coades and Marc Waterman in consultation with electro-acoustic designer Nick Whittaker. It has been in operation since 2015. 

The fully equipped recording studio facility offers a spacious live room, an adjoining control room, and an amp booth, all of which have been acoustically treated professionally to the highest standards. Isolation panels that can be placed in between instruments in order to reduce any potential bleed that may occur are available for your live recording sessions. 

The live room space is highly versatile with 24 channel wall boxes, configurable acoustics, and an amp booth, as well as an array of wood, marble and absorbent surfaces to choose from. The recording studio is equipped with its own Wi-Fi network.

Each recording session is overseen by one of our three inhouse engineers, depending on your needs. Together they offer a combined experience of more than 50 years in the music industry encompassing a wide variety of recording projects. Our recording manager will help organise the engineer for your session. 

The studio’s comprehensive range of hardware and microphones enables our engineers to accommodate artists and bands from a broad range of genres and to deliver a final product expertly crafted to your satisfaction.

Recording studio gear

Our recording studio has the following equipment. 

For rates, availability, equipment list and queries contact James McLear 

Mic Amps, EQs and compressors

UA 6176 Preamp/ compressor 

Custom 1970s boutique ITA mixing console 10;4 with heavy duty compressor on bus and 3 band EQ on all channels

Neumann V476 b Preamps with W492 EQ from Rudfunk broadcast console.x2

Neumann cutting lathe eqx2

Apogee trak2 dual Preamps with soft limiter

Grace m 501 Preamp

DAV bg501 Preamp 

Focusrite ISA 428 {blue) 4 channel Preamp

Focusrite red 1 Preamp x2

Lindell audio500 Preamp / EQ

Lindell 500 Compressor

GA 573 neve 1076 clone Preamp x2

Audio + design fF700 RS dual compressor

Ridge farm boiler dual ultra compressor

Interface and Monitoring


Orion Antelope 32

Mac quad tower with Logic X, Pro Tools and Ableton








Large diaphragm condensers:

Neumann cmv 563 with three heads valve

Neumann um 57 valve

Gibson King Bee x 3 

Sontronics saturn X2

Shure ksm 32

SE Z5600a ii valve

Sontronics dm1s

Sontronics orpheus 

M-Audio nova

Small diaphragm condensers:

Sontronics stc 1s x2

Nady cm88 x2

AKG c 430 x2


Sontronics sigma

Sontronics delta

Rezlo 1950s 


AKG d112 x2

Sontronics halo x2

Sontronics dm1b

Sennheiser e606

Byetone {Boutique Russian x3)

Ampex harmonica mic

Loads of sm57/58 s

AKG drum mic kit

Nady drum mic kit

Recording Studio
Recording Studio


The Blue Studios is the realisation of founder Andrew Bantock’s vision to offer the facilities to rehearse, record, film and cut a disc, all under one roof.

Andrew set up his first music studio in Clapton, East London in 1989, with the aim of providing musicians with a place to rehearse and record at a good price, top quality well-maintained equipment, a friendly team on hand to help, and a clean and tidy space to meet and hang out. 

Two subsequent music studios further developed the offering while staying true to the original aim. The Blue Studios benefits from Andrew’s 30+ years of experience in building and running studios, offering multimedia production services including film and photoshoots, a music recording studio, rehearsal rooms, and a record cutting facility.

Our friendly and professional team is ready to welcome you to the Blue Studios and always on hand to help make sure that your filming, photoshoot, rehearsal, or recording session runs as smoothly as possible.

Booking the Recording Studios

For Film Studio bookings and queries please contact us directly.

Call the studio to book: 020 7249 7538

Email the studio to book: