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Writing room up close
Writing & Post-Production Room
Writing room overview
Writing & Post-Production Room
Writing room
Writing & Post-Production Room


Our Writing & Post-Production Studio comes equipped with a pair of Yamaha NS10M speakers as well as a Genelec 5.1 Sound System, Sontronics STC-2X microphone, 49 key midi keyboard, 42 inch screen in the main studio as well as a smaller screen in the adjacent Vocal Booth. This studio is ideal for Music Producers, Video Editors, Sound Designers and Voice Over producers to work in a private space.

This studio comes with a Fireface UCX audio interface which is plug-and-play and is connected to the adjacent vocal booth for easy talkback. It is completely sound proof and is available to book for 3 hour slots for £40 per session.

For rates, availability and queries contact our Recordings Manager:

Book a writing room

You can book the writing room now for £40 for three hours...

The recording studio is served by a spacious live room and adjoining record booth, its highly flexible with configurable acoustics, and a variety of wood, marble and absorbent surfaces to choose from.