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Writing room up close
Writing & Post-Production Room
Writing room overview
Writing & Post-Production Room
Writing room
Writing & Post-Production Room


Our Writing and Post-Production Studio offers the premium facilities required to deliver the highest standards in post production. And we have helped numerous agencies, songwriters and production companies to breathe life into their creations.

A private and comfortable, soundproof space, the Post-Production Studio is fully equipped for writing and music production, video editing, sound design, voice-over production, and audio dialogue replacement.

The Post-Production Studio comes equipped with a pair of Yamaha NS10M speakers, a Genelec 5.1 Sound System, and a Sontronics STC-2X microphone. There is a 42-inch screen in the main studio, as well as a smaller screen in the adjacent isolated vocal booth.

An ideal writing and production space for lyricists, singers and musicians, the studio’s 49-key midi keyboard and electric guitar can assist the creative process of developing and recording songs and vocals. 

The studio has a plug-and-play Fireface UCX audio interface which is connected to the totally soundproof adjacent vocal booth for easy talkback. 

The Writing and Post-Production Studio space is available to book at a rate of £40 for a 3-hour session.

For rates, availability and queries, please contact our Recordings Manager, James McLear

Book the writing and post-production room

You can book the writing and post-production room now for £40 for three hours.

Fully equipped to provide premium writing and post-production facilities for music producers, video editors, sound designers and voice-over producers, the post-production studio is completely soundproof.